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Bonfires and Beaches

We went to Ggreg's bonfire on Ocean Beach Friday evening. Our friends John and Brent, who are visiting from Toronto, met us for dinner (Japanese in West Portal). We swung back to our house to pick up wraps and snacks for the bonfire, then up to Twin Peaks for a bit to take in the sunset. We got to the beach a little before 9:00. The crowd grew to over 100 (I think) before we left. It was breezy and cold, but the fire was warming and a full moon rose over the city. Our friends Djamel and Bruno showed up, just in from Paris.

Scott, Djamel, Bruno, moi
They'll be staying with us next week. And Eduardo and Alberto were there, among lots of other guys we knew. A drag queen named Princess Kielbasia (dressed sort of like Dame Edna) played the accordion and sang various songs. Only in San Francisco---

Princess Kielbasia
Saturday we drove down to Santa Cruz to spend time with Russ and Lanie. We had lunch, then drove down to Carmel to look at beach sites for a memorial service for one of Russ's departed friends. Carmel is just stunning--no wonder the average house costs well over $1 million. We paid the $8.25 toll to drive on the 17-mile highway, which was worth it, for both the spectacular views and the incredible houses.

The Lone Cypress on the 17-Mile Drive
Back to Santa Cruz, where we saw pictures from the boys' recent cruise to Mexico, walked over to the local Greek restaurant for dinner, then watched Attack of the Clones on their big-screen HDTV. By the time the movie was done and we watched a bunch of the special features, it was midnight, so we took them up on their gracious offer for us to stay over.

This morning we headed back to SF, stopping at Gunter's for brunch and Target to pick up a barbecue. We got a nice big Weber kettle.

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