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Money I spent Things I did this weekend

1. Went to the gym with rootbeer1 and poohbearjim Saturday morning. Jim wanted to try out our gym (it rhymes!), so we gave him a guest pass, or so we thought. When we tried to use it, the attendant said it was expired. I had brand-new guest passes on my desk at home. We had to pay the guest fee, and will be reimbursed next time we go in and bring the valid pass. Sheesh, they just could have let Jim in--we've been members for almost 8 years and Jim is actually looking for a gym to join. Well, the workout was great, then the Indian buffet at Bombay in the Castro. Then Tower, where I got The Matchmaker for $9.99. It's the movie of the play that inspired the musical Hello Dolly. Shirley Booth plays Dolly Levi. I can't wait to watch it.

2. Later, ran out to Lowe's and bought a new refrigerator. Ours, the one that came with the house, builds up water in the bottom pan, underneath the vegetable drawers. Every two weeks or so, it overflows and gets the floor wet. I have to sponge it out. After three years, we think it's time for a new one. With water and ice in the door. Welcome to the 70's!!

3. Adopted beg1n for the afternoon on Sunday. Brought him to Gunter's, our favorite little diner in South City. Then to La-Z-Boy, to order a new loveseat for the den, from the Todd Oldham Collection:

Then down to Ikea in East Palo Alto. Jeff learned that when we want to show a guy a good time, we eat and shop!

4. Dropped Jeff off home, then home for us too. Relaxing, eating dinner made by Steve (we're determined to eat everything in the refrigerator before the new one arrives) and catching up on computer stuff.

5. Throughout the weekend, enjoyed the lovely weather and the lovely company of friends.
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