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The Primates of the Anglican Communion met this week to respond the the Windsor Report, a publication of the Lambeth Commission, which was set up to deal with the fundamentalist coup attempt* to take over the Episcopal Church in the USA (ECUSA). The fundies are all excited, because the Primates issued a statement requesting ECUSA and the Anglican Church in Canada to volutarily withdraw from the Anglican Consultative Council, one of the "four instruments of unity" that define the worldwide Anglican Communion. The fundies think that the US and Canadian provinces have been suspended from the Communion.


The ACC only meets every three years or so, so even if ECUSA does withdraw (which it may not, since the request is voluntary) we'll only miss one meeting. Of a council that has no legislative authority at all, especially over autonomous provinces. Meanwhile, our Presiding Bishop can attend whatever meetings he wants. ECUSA is still the only recognized province of the Communion in the USA, and the Anglican Church in Canada is in Canada. The fundies and their various splinter groups are NOT part of the Anglican Communion.

For those not totally bored by all this, click here to read the statement from the Primates.

*Because ECUSA duly elected and consecrated Gene Robinson bishop. Bishop Robinson is openly gay and living with his partner of many years.
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