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10 things meme

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't

1. Walked down a sewer pipe in New York City

2. Been in two accidents where the car flipped over (once driving, once in the death seat), and walked away from both without a scratch

3. Threw up in Bill Maher's basement

4. Almost set the bishop on fire with runaway charcoal from an incense burner

5. Shook hands with Tony Orlando and Dawn

6. Been gay, then ex-gay, then ex-ex-gay

7. Got picked on by Peter, Paul and Mary from the stage at a concert (I was in the second row)

8. Got totally drunk finishing up the wine after a big communion service

9. Played Seven Bridges Road on the guitar, then stripped naked and sat in a sweat lodge

10. Married my brother and my husband's sister (not at the same time)
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