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Free Day Off

Well, President's Day (which was Washington's Birthday when I was growing up. We always got the actual day off from school (Feb. 22), as well as Lincoln's Birthday (Feb. 12).) Poor rootbeer1 had to go to work, but I met him at the San Francisco Shopping Center for lunch (fish tacos) and a trip to the Apple Store to browse the iPod accessories. Then to CompUSA for the same purpose. Steve had to get back to work, and I got a dock to use at work, and the JBL On Stage speaker dock for use at home:

I'm working my way through the Valentine's Day/Wedding Anniversary playlist Steve cut for my iPod.

The speaker dock rocks--it's in my study. I want one in every room of the house. I love my new iPod. I've loaded about 3000 songs into it, which is approxinmately 200 CDs. Probably all the music I would own by myself, but Steve's collection when we moved in together was far, far larger. When the 4TB version comes out, we'll be ready.

We have a busy week ahead. Dave arrives tomorrow for a few days--always wonderful having him around. He loves gardening, so we can't wait to show him our new aromatics in the atrium. Tuesday evening is course completion for our Mainstream square dance class. We continue next week right into the Plus intro classes, then the regular Plus class through June. Meeting friends later in the week for dinner, and a birthday party Friday.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot--IBR was fun, what we attended of it. Met lots of friends, new and old. Saw the film Cachorro (Bear Cub) which is great. Danced at Squares for Bears. Ate out a lot, which is always fun.

That is all.
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