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Domesticity Is Pretty

What we did this weekend:

Friday after work, went to a birthday party at Delancey Street for Mel. About 16 guys in attendence, including ricksf and pseudocub1.

Got up early Saturday, went to Gunter's for breakfast, then Lowes. Got some jasmine and honeysuckle (to replace the wisteria rootbeer1's mom ripped out for us), potting soil and two huge pots for our citrus trees, some pansies and alysium for the back flower beds, and other gardeny stuff. Home again.

Steve planted the flowers in the back and dug out the wisteria roots in the atrium, then planted the new aromatic vines. I replaced the light fixture in the back garden, and we removed the bulb from the unswitched motion-sensitive one by the hot tub. No more spotlights on our evening soaks!

I repotted the orange and lemon trees. We cleaned up, then took a break from doing three loads of laundry to go furniture shopping. Saw a nice loveseat at La-Z-Boy, of all places (from the Todd Oldham collection--very Mid-Century Modern in design). Went to Homo Depot for mulching bark, bamboo screening to replace the rotten stuff in the back, a hose reel, and more gardeny stuff. Stopped at Best Buy to look around, then Smart and Final in Daly City to replentish our soft drink supply. Came home. I got the wireless card working (finally!) on Steve's new laptop by downloading new drivers. His iPod loading is going much faster now that he doesn't have to type in info for each track!!

Sunday, up bright and early. Installed the new bamboo and tiki heads that Vic and Dave gave us a while ago. Mulched the new plantings. Got called from work--problems with our departmental production server. We had plans to go to Greg's for brunch, but I had Steve drop me off at the office, since I couldn't telnet in and needed access to the console. He went on to Greg's and I got the server up, sorta. An hour and a half later Steve picked me up and we went off to a few more furniture places to look around. Home, naps, puttering around. Had leftover icebox cake from brunch.

We're beat!!!


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Feb. 6th, 2005 10:44 pm (UTC)
Well it sounds like both of you had a very productive weekend, doing things around the house, visiting various home improvement warehouses and such. I just hope that both of you had a little time for enjoyment. No wonder you are tired; now you both need to relax in your hot tub. You certainly deserve to.
Feb. 7th, 2005 07:10 am (UTC)
You guys are like Superman.
Feb. 7th, 2005 08:25 am (UTC)
You see, you guys are just very productive. If it had been us the Saturday enthusiasm would probably have fizzled out shortly after the "Gunter's for breakfast" stage :-)
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