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S&G Forever

For Xmas, rootbeer1 got me the Simon and Garfunkel Old Friends Live On Stage deluxe edition CD set, which includes *gasp* a DVD of the entire concert, which I'm watching right now. I can't fully explain the role S&G have played in my early development and in fact my entire life, but at times during this performance I'm moved to tears.

I love this passage from the liner notes:

At the opening press conference for the "Old Friends" tour at New York's Bottom Line, Paul Simon suggested that the reunion was meant first and foremost for the generation that embraced these songs as their own. "The first thing that I think of is what's the dialogue going to be between the audience and the both of us," Simon explained. "There's a tremendous emotional undercurrent because decades of our lives have passed. That is what I'm sort of interested in and curious about--not that I'm not thinking about newer fans, but I'm mostly thinking about reconnecting to the people who knew us in their lives when we were young."

That's me. Paul and Art are now 61 years old, and I'm 49.


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Jan. 22nd, 2005 04:25 pm (UTC)
I believe I was a sophomore in college when Bridge Over Troubled Water came out. I recall the radio announcing that they were about to play S&G's new song and my ears perked up as their duets had always impressed me. As I listened, the song reached into some part of me. When they got to "Sail on silver girl, sail on by" I sat on my bed and started to sob softly. Don't know why but Bridge did that to me (and still sometimes does). True story.

Thanks for the memory, Jack!
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