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Three days of fun

Three-day weekends are great, and don't come nearly often enough. Friday after work rootbeer1 and I headed out to Tower Video to take advantage of the big weekend sale on family movies and TV series. I got amongst other things Lost In Space Season 2 Part 2. Then off to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up a few items, then Trader Joe's to stock up on brown rice. I've come to like brown rice better than white, and you can get varieties like basmati and jasmine in the whole-grain versions now. We had planned to hit The Edge afterwards but just went home instead.

Saturday we did housework (4 loads of laundry!), then went to see Sideways with David and Andrea. Great film, and afterwards we just had to go out to dinner and drink lots of wine. Sunday we had dim sum with visiting nashobabear and his now-local partner Dale (whom Steve has known longer than he's known me), and a bevy of other local bears including that_dang_otter, poohbearjim, armaroundyou, and chriskomater. In the evening we had dinner and exchanged belated Xmas gifts with Gregg, and drank more wine.

Steve had to work on Monday, but I had the day off, so I slept in, then did some work around the house and went grocery shopping. Later our friends visiting from Australia, sydhart and ursusoz, along with the Chrissies and Dean, came over for dinner and tons of wine, of course. The Daves brought a lovely salad, and LC baked a delicious Frenchy-tart made of pears. I made a big lasagna, Carmela-style as seen on The Sopranos (with a layer of fresh whole basil leaves on top just under the last layer of cheese). Steve made garlic bread with rosemary from our atrium, and put fresh Meyer lemon slices in the water glasses, again from our own little lemon tree. We drank chardonnay, pinot noir, and then Essensia (an orange muscat) with dessert. We were kind of looped. The Chrissies and Dean left and the Daves hung out for a while in the hot tub, which is a tight fit for four, but we managed.

Something about being in a hot tub with the love of your life and friends from halfway around the world, hazy with food and wine, looking up at the stars--I was utterly relaxed and at peace, and once again thankful for all our many blessings.
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