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Happy New Year, everybody!!!

What I did on my Christmas vacation:

Drove up I-5 to Salem, OR. Saw Mt. Shasta for the first time. Played peek-a-boo with it, as related in rootbeer1's latest LJ entry.

Where's Mt. Shasta? Peek-a-boo!!!

Celebrated Xmas with Steve's sister Leslie and her husband John, and their two feisty Chihuahuas Sydney and Leo. Got lots of lovely presents. Ate lots of lovely carbohydrates.

Had lunch with two nice guys in Salem, Jim and Jerry (campn). Got rather tipsy on Bloody Marys. They gave us a lovely Xmas bear.

Drove up to Portland, OR. Saw Mt. Hood for the first time. Played peek-a-boo again.

Stayed in our friend Rod's fantastic ultra-hip loft in the Pearl District. I've fallen a little bit in love with Portland. Hung out with Rod, his trusty Golden Lab Bruno, TJ (tjnorris), Gary, Brian (wookiecub).

Shopped, walked, sightsaw, ate at Queen of Sheba (Ethiopian), Oba (tapas), Bijou Cafe (upscale diner), Montage (Cajun). All restaurants were extremely great.

Drove to Depoe Bay on the Oregon coast and stayed in a beach condo. Watched The Day After Tomorrow and Master and Commander while the rain and surf pounded away outside. Curled up with a fire, numerous martinis, and rootbeer1.

Back to Salem for one more day with Leslie and John. Slept through the New Year. Traditional Hoppin' John for brunch, then back home down the coast (to avoid the snow in the passes) via US 101. Hit a little snow anyway. Stayed over in Eureka.

Great to get away, great to spend Xmas with family, great to see new friends and new cities, great to play peek-a-boo with scenic landmarks, great to be home.

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