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What's Up With Jack?

Last Thursday: Went to see The Incredibles. Too many LJers to list. Movie was great. Thanks, mindplay -- it was fun seeing your name in the credits--twice!!

Last Friday: Victor and Mel came over. Dave was staying with us, so we decided to do something all togther. Ordered in Chinese and watched Saved.

Last Saturday: Puttered around all day. Dave left to go move in with V&M for a few days. Wanted to go in the hot tub, but for some reason it was only 82°. Got in anyway--brrrrrrrr! Went to Foggy City Dancers anniversary dance--our first real dance with a different caller than our teacher Harlan. It was fun, and we did pretty well for students.

Last Sunday (yesterday): Never left the house. Napped, puttered, rootbeer1 slept off his cold a lot, watched The Millionaire. Went in the hot tub again--this time it was 106°. Ouch!!

Today: Boring work day. Gregg coming over for dinner tonight.
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