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Weekend Update

Our friends Chris and Jen are in town for the weekend (Chris is here for all of next week for a work conference) and are staying with us until later today. It's our first time meeting Jen--she's a professional stagehand, based in the DC area, and is very cool.

Thursday evening we picked up Jen at SFO, and needed to wait an hour and a half for Chris' delayed flight. We planned to grab dinner in the airport with Jen, but since our last visit there, the arrival areas have been all walled off for security reasons, so you can't get to the many restaurants and shops outside the actual gate concourses anymore. Instrad, they've set up "meeting points" outside the baggage claim areas, and a cheesy food court on the mezzanine level with a choice of Burger King, Subway, or Peet's Coffee. Jen got some herbal tea at Peet's and rootbeer1 and I shared a tuna sub, with added bacon, since it was our 10th anniversary dinner, after all.

Chris' flight arrived and we drove home and all crashed. Next day (Friday) Chris and Jen explored the City while Steve and I went to the salt mines. We went to Eric's in Noe Valley for dinner, one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. Then home to watch The Brady Bunch Variety Hour and hang out.

Saturday Steve made a Chinese food omelet for breakfast. Chris had gotten tickets to the Giants/Padres baseball game, so we MUNI'ed our way to SBC Park, which C&J hadn't seen. We stayed till the bottom of the 7th, then headed off to Kayo Books in the Tendernob. I bought three old Progressive Architecture mags to add to my small collection. Back home to fetch the car, then to Borderlands sci-fi bookstore in the Mission. Did I mention we're all science fiction geeks? Then to the Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, my favorite Mexican restaurant of all time (and I'm not as keen on Mexican as Steve is). Absolutely delicious. Back home to relax, chat and sleep.

This morning we awoke to the sound of driving rain on the skylights. Unusual so early in the year. In a few minutes, we'll be walking down the hill to the Castro for excercise and our reward, lunch at the Indian buffet.

That's all!!!

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