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Ten Years

I was terrified. I had been chatting online with a guy I met through posting my intro to the Bears Mailing List for the past three months. We progressed from e-mail to AOL chat to phone calls, but had never exchanged photos. Now this guy was driving up to Albany from Stamford CT to spend the weekend in my guest room and meet me in person.

The pecan pie was cooling on the counter. The salad was made. The jambalaya was in the oven, filling the house with Cajun goodness. The doorbell rang. I ran to the door in an apron.

Standing there was the man. Looking up shyly at me, he said hi. I let him in. The rest, as they say, is history.

Several months later, lying on the sofa in my study, I struggled with expressing my feelings in a new way. Never much of a poet, I still had to write it out. I gave it to him at Christmas. It's kinda corny, but that's the way I am.

Ode to Steve

The turning leaves had just begun their fall
And autumn sunlight slowly changed in hue
Converting soon to winter's dreary pall
When shortening days and snowflakes would ensue

Out of the season you came, bearing light,
Warmth, happiness and eagerness to know
If electronic friendship seeming right
Into a deeper fellowship could grow.

My first response was thankfulness and joy
That such another saw potential there;
And as we shared together, grew less coy,
A soulmate was discovered, wrapped as bear.

When time arrived for us to move to part,
With promises to soon rejoin and see
If this resounding of each other's heart
The founding of a greater bond would be,

My soul could not contain its joyful song;
A love proclaimed so soon, and chanced but real.
Affirmed with like response and bearhugs long;
And parting, to anticipate with zeal.

Eau de Steve

The scents that bring to mind your ambience
Of musky sandalwood, aromas rare
That stir in me unfathomed sensual wants;
I love this incense best: essence of bear.

O, da Steve!

How can mere words express my love for you
When every chamber of my heart is filled?
My verbiage fails, and all that I can do
Is rest within your arms till I am stilled.

A childlike wonder, joy and playfulness
Strong masculinity maturely steered;
Creative intellect, superb finesse;
Deep sensitivity clad in a beard.

By spending time consorting we impart
The healing union making lovers whole;
With glad discovery we forge one heart
In exploration of each other's soul.

My bear and I together are as one;
And to him would I gladly give my troth
When time proves right and warmthless days are done
Our love akin to flame, igniting both.

And even as our earthbound journey goes
No matter in the paths our fates may lie;
One thing I hope and pray my sweet bear knows
O Steve, my love for you will never die.

I love you so much, Bear. Happy anniversary!
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