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Back from vacation

...well, since last Saturday. We drove down to Palm Springs two weeks ago yesterday (4/10)--actually, as far as the Iron Skillet just before the Grapevine on I-5. We stayed at the Best Western right there at the truck stop; we thought the room was rather expensive ($70) for being right in the middle of nowhere. That's probably why--captive audience. The next morning we drove into Palm Springs, getting to the house by lunchtime. We basically swam in the pool, got some sun, shopped, and saw lots of movies:

A Mighty Wind - the night before we left, in San Francisco
Bend it like Beckham
Chicago - with Tony and Bill
About a Boy - DVD
Spiderman - DVD, with John
The Harvey Girls - DVD
Y Tu Mama Tambien - DVD

The following Thursday we drove down to San Diego to stay with Dan and Ben. We went to the zoo on Friday, then drove home Saturday--only took about 8 hours, including stopping for lunch at, you guessed it, the Iron Skillet.

This week basically getting back in the swing. Last Sunday (Easter) our friends Steve and Tim from Wales were in town, so we had lunch with them, dragged them around town with us in search of an open mall, then headed to Victor and Mel's for Easter dinner. Vic was there too--Dave was down at the house in Palm Springs. Dinner was delicious and afterwards we just sat around yakking and playing with the dogs. I really bonded with Chicklet over Thanksgiving, so she spent a lot of time cuddled up on top of me. She's really grown, but is still smaller than a young cat. That's why they call them teacup Chihuahuas, I guess.

Tonight we may get together with Steve and Tim again, back from Yosemite, and tomorrow we're having dinner again with Victor, Mel, Vic, Dave and Victor's mom.
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