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It's damn hot in San Francisco!! We actually used the rolling air conditioner we got a few months ago for the first time last night---ahhhhh. But this morning the whole house seemed to be the same temperature as the bedroom, so it's back in the closet till the next heat wave.

I'm in the middle of a luxurious 4-day weekend. I took Friday off from work and basically lazed around. The evening before, we went to Gunters for dinner (Chicken Enchilada soup and meat loaf sandwiches), then Costco, of course. Aside from more Baby Bel cheeses and some paper products, we snagged a few lovely DVDs, including the just-released original Star Trek first season, in a snazzy yellow tricorder case. A must have, and fully $70 cheaper than at Tower.

Friday evening we walked down the hill for exercise, and to visit Tower Video*. I wanted to pick up The Forbidden Zone, and we also grabbed The Apple, which we proceeded to bring over to keanubear's house and watch. ibubtoo was there, along with Gabe and Greg, of course. It's....well, you just have to see it. Ironically, low_fat_muffin was viewing the exact same film with animbear and redbeardedblond on their visit to Muffinland in Boise. This time next week the Muffin will be safely esconced in the MBGR™.

Yesterday was the last South Bay Bears pool party of the season. The weather was perfect--in the 90's, dry, and the pool was just right temperature-wise. We came home, freshened up, made a big salad for dinner, then hightailed it up the hill to bowlerbehrsf's salon for the Chocolate Party.

So many LJers--let's see: bearringsd, of course, who is visiting Jeff and Lance. What a sweetheart--and what a chef!!! Also bearzbub, bowlerbehrsf and lb925, double_ohsteven and fuzzygruf, furfairy, handlebear, keanubear and Greg, pseudocub1 and ricksf, rampagebear and Bert, qbear and rootbeer1, sflonestar, and sfmini. Lots of food, conversation and drinkies.

Today we're going to Tyger's with Jeff, Lance and Henry for brunchie. Then--I dunno, kind of a lazy day. Dinner this evening with Gregg. BBQ tomorrow with John and Greg. Pretty busy weekend after all!!!!

*We do seem to buy a lot of videos, don't we? It's our one vice. Well, that and Costco. At last count, we have over 800 DVDs, counting boxed sets.

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