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Farewell Tim & Steve

Got back a little while ago from bluedevilsf's apartment where he and Steve were packing the last of Tim's stuff for their big move to Minnesota. Also present were sfmini, furfairy, and bearbrat. Tim gave us many bottles of champagne and wine that he didn't want to move, and let us select from his discard pile. We acquired

  • A violin (rootbeer1 and I both took lessons as kids)

  • A pair of black Frye boots

  • An Irish tweed cap, French beret and black leather baseball cap

  • Several nice books (including The Gay Kama Sutra -- woohoo!!)

  • A brand-new iron

  • Several cans of tomato paste

  • Vertigo tarot card deck

And a few other sundry items. We said goodbye--they'll be back to visit in the Marcia Brady Guest Room™ someday, but we will miss them.

Our good friends Dave and Vic, who moved back to Connecticut last march, are in town and staying with us for a few days. Tonight we're having dinner with them and ricksf and pseudocub1.

Last night we watched the screen tests fron Strait-Jacket again (Get the axe!!!!) and two episodes of Lost in Space. rootbeer1 had to leave the room because it was so hokey, but I loved LinS when I was a kid. Dr. Smith is such a nelly queen--I love it when he calles the robot a ninny or my favorite, "bubble-headed booby."
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