Jack (qbear) wrote,

Busy weekend again

On Friday, our friend Jay came over for dinner. We met Jay last January at the Polar Bear weekend up in Guerneville. We ordered in Chinese and just ate and yakked for hours. We planned to watch a movie but just got caught up talking. On Saturday, ditto with our friend Gregg, except we ordered pizza after a soak in the hot tub. We did manage to watch the movie this time (Mildred Pierce -- Joan Crawford at her hammiest). Sunday we picked up Vic and Dave and went downtown to shop. Steve had seen an area rug at Urban Outfitters and wanted me to check it out. I liked it, and it was on sale for $69, so we bought it. We stopped at the Container Store on the way back to the parking garage and got a nifty Rubbermaid container for all our wrapping paper. Then we dropped by the Lone Star for an afternoon drink. It's pretty empty there since the fire marshal started enforcing the 49-person maximum. We grabbed a bite to eat in West Portal, then dropped V&D off home. The rest of the day we lazed around and did crossword puzzles.

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