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I'm tired....

...of being classified as a second-class citizen because of the gender of the person I love and share my life with.

For all our brothers and sisters whose marriages were heartlessly annulled today, be of good courage. The battle has just begun. Take comfort in the fact that we helped paved the way for those in Oregon and Massachusetts whose marriages still stand. The images of our joy duing February and March have been indelibly burned into the American consciousness, and no action by a court can ever take that away. We married our spouses before the world and gave witness to our love and committment, and no ruling can ever change that.

We will press on to claim the equality to which we are entitled. The freedom to love our partners without fear. The right to legal recognition of our relationships and the benefits that civil marriage imparts. Bigotry and hatred and fear and ignorance will be seen for what they are.

We will prevail. We are on the side of love.
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