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Went to a nice sunny pool party in Santa Clara on Saturday. keanubear and Greg were there. Came home to cold, foggy (but refreshing) SF.

The many, many, many boxes of books and crap we mailed back from Albany have all arrived. Kudos to rootbeer1 for getting them all put away (almost).

When I got back I found I had gained *gasp* 3 pounds. This morning at my weigh-in I was down 2. And I've been spraying whipped cream from a can into my mouth all weekend. Go figure!!!

We both signed up for janitor duty at Hairrison. We're good at picking up the trash.

We officially start square dance class tomorrow night. ricksf will be able to collect that toaster oven now.

I looked up the definition of "w00t" on the Internet.

That's all!!!
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