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Still here...

...well, actually in Provincetown at the moment. I'm on my long-awaited four-week sabbatical leave. Took Amtrak to Albany (Steve flew in and met me--he doesn't get as much time off), saw my sister and her family and my best friends Tom and Andrea. Drove to Storr, CT to stay with Vic and Dave, who recently moved back from SF, in their new beautiful Modern house in the woods. Drove to Boston and met up with Joe and Bill, who we are renting the house in Ptown with, along with Dave. Met up with Pete (quirkstreet) when we got into town on Thursday for lunch and a mini-tour of Harvard. Drove to the Cape on Saturday (yesterday). The house is lovely. The company is fabulous. Having a wonderful time--wish you were here!

More to follow--with pictures.
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