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Work and play

From Wednesday to Friday last week we had our handyman over to replace the outer front door to our atrium. Dry rot has taken its toll, and the door itself was falling apart. I was home sick Wednesday, and telecommuted Thursday and Friday. It turned out beautifully, and should last until we retire to the tropics.

Friday our friend Dave came to stay for a few days. He's in town for work, and we haven't seen him since he and his husband Vic (we got married on the same day!) moved back to Connecticut in March. It was great to catch up and hang out, and we'll see them both at their new house in July when we're back East.

Friday evening and Saturday were very busy, meeting up with lots of people that I'm sure Steve (rootbeer1) will enumerate in his next post. I'm sorry, I'm too exhausted *sob*. But there was dinner, a pool party, two birthday parties, videos, brunch, and a Costco run involved. Sunday was fairly quiet. We did manage to put up the new house numbers...?

Tonight, dinner in the Castro to celebrate bearzbub's birthday. HBV!


Jun. 21st, 2004 07:42 pm (UTC)
Your numbers are large yet subtle, which is somehow fitting. :-) And the door looks great. It certainly won't be hard to find....

We've been thinking of changing our door color from Sharks teal to something a little less subtle, but we can't go that far.

I loved the mail slot I used to have (on College Ave in Somerville) BTW -- but to put one on our house here would require building a bin to catch the mail as well, so I havem't gotten around to it.

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