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A little R & R

Steve, Richard, Reid

Reid gulps down a poor, defenseless pork bun while Richard glances chidingly

Well, it's been an exciting, fun-filled week with Reid (animbear) and Richard (redbeardedblond) staying with us. We can't really express how much we love these guys, whom we've known almost as long as we've known each other, and how much we enjoy having them visit. Steve (rootbeer1) has chronicled a bit of their visit, but we did a lot, and a lot of LJers were met with and enjoyed, too.

In brief:

Last Saturday: The boys arrive. Lunch at Gunter's. Potluck and video party at chez nous with several LJers present (as noted in Steve's post).

Sunday: Santa Cruz. Sunshine, rides (including a thrilling roller-coaster down Skyline Drive with Reid at the wheel of the Mini), surfers. Saw Jack (grizzlyjack) on the way down on the AIDS ride. Home, hot tub, Night of Beauty (manicures, doing our hair, talking about boys, watching Japanese animation).

Monday: Harry Potter on IMAX, with friend Gregg too. Wow!

Tuesday: Victor (bearzbub) in the evening with a wonderful, eclectic selection of videos to share. Rick (ricksf) stopped by to drop off a key and stayed for a bite. Big pot of chili.

Wednesday: The boys hang out with old friends Greg (beastbriskett) and Mike (skullbunny) in the East Bay.

Thursday: SF Bear Potluck. Geoff (heypyro) brought another addictive garlic chicken pie, which I was lucky enough to cop a slice of.

Friday: Planned to see Clue; was sold out. Shopping, dinner, shopping, Lone Star. Got to see Mrs. Peacock (backawayslowly) after all.

Saturday: Dim Sum (see above). Shopping in the Haight. Carboval* at Jeff's (bowlerbehr), with chocolate in its many forms. LJers handlebear, nanocub, ricksf also in attendance.

Sunday: Farewell breakfast and sendoff.

I'm usually exhausted after a week of houseguests and activities like this, but Richard and Reid always leave us with a warm glow and an R&R-shaped hole in our lives. They are the coolest and the sweetest and the funniest and the most relaxing guys to have around. We are committed to make our visits more frequent.

* like Carneval (which literally means "goodbye to meat"), except for carbohydrates. Jeff is starting the South Beach diet today.
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