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Alone at last

...well, just Steve and I. Mom and Baby (the dog) left for the airport Saturday morning. She was barely out the door and we had the bed stripped, the atrium hosed down (there was a final puddle of dog pee-pee on the concrete) and the house back in order. Mom was no real trouble, I guess, but two weeks is a long time to not have your privacy. And I do have to say the flowers in the back garden look great. Mom's been putting the dog poo on them.

We went to a party last night at the house of a couple we barely know. They seemed really excited when we accepted the invite. When we got there the house was full of twenty-something straight couples. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but we didn't know a soul there except for the hosts, and we barely even know them. We ate a few deviled eggs and sat on the sofa watching Yellow Submarine with the sound off while the party raged around us. A buxom female DJ in a rather tight dress was setting up, and everyone moved to the rear deck to watch the KABOOM fireworks. We begged off, saying we were still recovering from Mom's visit, said our goodbyes and left before the first explosion. It was a rather surreal experience.

This morning I made buckwheat waffles on the Euro waffle iron Steve gave me last Christmas. They turned out great, eaten with butter and sugar-free syrups and bacon. We're now going to the mall, which we always seem to do on sunny, pleasant days, to shop and see Super Size Me. Tonight, chili and Sopranos.
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