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Sunny Saturday

It was supposed to rain all weekend, but Saturday was pretty much sunny and mild in San Francisco.
Steve was watching the local Indian channel on Saturday morning--some Ballywood musical, and got hungry for Indian food, so we planned to go out for an Indian buffet lunch. But those plans got waylaid when, after we had both showered and were getting ready to go, Steve noticed some water around the patio drain in the backyard. Looking out from the den into the front atrium, we saw a sight repeated from about a year ago--the drain there had overflowed and toilet paper was all over. Yech!! Just like a year ago, I called Rescue Rooter, and the technician was here in about a half an hour. He roto-rootered the roots out of the sewer lateral leading to the street. We have a rather large and beautiful bottle-brush tree in the front outside the atrium wall, and a large patch of box junipers. Their roots periodically infiltrate the sewer line and have to be removed.

The solution to this would be to a) replace the old clay pipe with cast iron, and/or b) cut down the tree and hedge. I really don't want to do either, so for now I'm willing to have Rescue Rooter come once a year and clean out our pipes. If the problem gets worse, I guess I'll have to reconsider. I really love that bottle-brush tree, though---

After that ordeal, and the crazy-crust pizza Steve made for lunch in lieu of the buffet, we headed down the peninsula to do some shopping. We went to Target, the Casual Male Big&Tall, then to the Tower Market on the way home for groceries. Steve wanted me to make braciole for dinner, and I had seen a Rachael Ray recipe for it online, and we figured Tower was a better bet for getting the meat, since they have service buchers and a great selection of meats.

We got home and decided to call Victor and Mel to come over for dinner. Steve's office had been selling off some old office furniture, and he had purchased several items. Victor and Mel offered to use their truck to pick up the things, so Steve and Mel went and did that while Victor and I chatted and I made the braciole. It came out pretty well, although next time I'll braise it much longer--it was a bit chewy, but tasty. Well, the recipe was from 30-Minute Meals, so it was supposed to be a quickie. But I like that fork-tender pot roast effect.

After dinner we played board games--Cranium and a game of classic Sorry! which really took me back to childhood. Steve had never played it and was surprised how good it was--he thought it was just a variation on Parcheezi (which it is), but it has lots of twists where the game can change very suddenly. Yet it's very simple.

Mel and Victor left after midnight--it was a fun evening. They're such nice guys, and we get along so well with them.
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