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Last Weekend

Sleep in
Check loads - all A-OK
Gunter's - Italian Omelet and Thai Steak Salad
Lowe's - pansies and a bird feeder
Big & Tall - Qiana disco shirt
jiggedy jig
beeftenderloin - woof!
Twin Peaks - not the bar
painted ladies

back home
Thai House - armaroundyou, heypyro, progbear, beeftenderloin, rootbeer1, qbear, cocktails, squids, coconut milk
Avant-garde theater - backawayslowly
Lone Star

Brunchie - bowlerbehr, L, pancakes too
TiVo delights
too beat to boogie :-(
The Sopranos
Mr. Bungle
Thouroughly Modern Millie
farewell to beeftenderloin
beddie-bye again

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