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Fun in the Sun

rootbeer1 and I got back yesterday afternoon from a week in Palm Springs, which seems to be our second home. Perhaps someday it will be, if the real estate prices down there level off.

We stayed, as usual, at our dear friends Vic and Dave's vacation house. It's simple and easy to live in, and has a spectacular pool, spa, and view of the Mountain. We were there alone until Friday morning, when V&D drove in. Homer and Alan from Burbank arrived a few hours later. Vic and Dave were exhausted from the previous day of overseeing their movers. They'll be in PS for a week, then fly off to Connecticut to their new house and new phase of their life. We'll see them in July when we're back East, but SF won't be the same without them here.

During the week we shopped, swam, sunned, ate out (and in a few times), watched the entire season 5 of Absolutely Fabulous and the original Cheaper By The Dozen, and hung out with friends. excessor and dr_scott were down for the week too, and it was great spending tme with them and getting to know them better. We hope to continue the process in SF. excessor showed us his lovely Mid-Centrury Modern Wexler house. We also saw our friend Mike, who showed his new MCM, as well as old friend Sam, who showed us his MCM, so it was a very Modern week, and left us coveting all three houses. We comforted ourselves by buying some cool art for our MCM in SF.

So now we're all tanned and rested. Steve has to go into the office for a few hours today, and I'm on call too. We had a great little vacation, but it's good to be home again. More pics to come.
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