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Weekend Update

1. Friday evening we planned to go to the gym after work, but Steve had to work a little later so we didn't.

2. Satruday went to Homo Depot to buy more flowers for the back garden. Also picked up a Meyer lemon tree and a navel orange tree--our first citrus. They're in pots in the atrium for now.

3. Planted the flowers and tried out our new electric hedge clipper, which we also got at the Depot. Then used the blower to clean the sidewalk. Our across-the-street neighbor seemed happy to see us out improving our property.

4. Napped, then went over to John (keanubear) and Greg's for hot dogs and movies. Chris X. was also there. I love his new luxurious head of hair--reminds me of myself when I was 18 (see icon). Watched Endless Summer for the millionth time and CQ, which was different. Roman Coppola's little film project. Caught Sofia in a cameo.

5. This morning, walked down the hill with Steve (rootbeer1) for exercise. Stopped to see Vic, who is busy packing for their move back East next month <sob>. Dave is in Palm Springs. We hope to get together one last time in SF this coming week. We'll see them in Palm Springs next week, and in Provincetown this summer.

6. Lunch at the cheap Mexican place on Castro. Stopped at the frame shop--our order was ready. Walked to Tower and got a few DVDs, including the Frank Capra Science series (Our Mr. Sun, etc.) that I loved so much in grade school.

7. Took MUNI back home, then grabbed the car and went back to the frame shop to pick up the order:

  • "Justly Married - February 2004" posters - one for us, one for Vic and Dave

  • One copy of our marriage license

  • A photograph of Jack Radcliffe in a classical nude pose, taken by chriskomater and presented to Steve for his birthday.

  • A Lee print of a big-eyed teenage girl in pink, talking on her blue Princess phone. We found it in Palm Springs, and it now adorns the Marcia Brady Guestroom™.

8. Resting now. Tonight, over to armaroundyou's house for dinner (with chriskomater) and The Sopranos.
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