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Yesterday we had an LJ-kind of day at the beach. Present were rootbeer1, qbear, armaroundyou, glovercom, handlebear, nanocub, mathan, and Paulie, who's not on LJ (yet). It was bright and sunny in SF when we met at our house, but as soon as we reached Pacifica we hit the coastal fog. When we got to San Gregorio, the fog was still thick, but it was a balmy 55 degrees.

We stayed about three hours, camping in one of the many driftwood "condos" built on the sand. I want to go back sometime when it's sunny--the beach is very picturesque and goes on for miles.

Here we are making the hike back to the cars:

We'll post more pictures as soon as Steve finishes putting little fig leafs on them (well, it is a nude beach, don't cha know?).

We came back to our place, brought glovercom home and exchanged him for heypyro, ordered in Chinese food and watched Intolerable Cruelty on DVD. Today, Steve and I did yardwork, then caught some real sun out on our deck. Gotta build up our base tans by our annual April trip to Palm Springs.
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