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It's a gorgeous weekend weather-wise. We drove down to Morgan Hill Friday evening to visit Tom (peppabear) and his husband Steve, and stayed over. They served food that was totally compatible with our diets, and just made us feel so comfortable. It's so restful to just sit and look at mountains and flowering trees in the morning sunshine. Tom also did a photo shoot of us (see new icon). Thanks so much, guys!

On the way home we stopped at Costco and picked up a new pink jasmine plant for our atrium to replace the one that died this winter. I'm sitting in my study, and even with the windows closed I can smell it. I love jasmine--it's the lilac of the West.

Last night we went to bowlerbehr's for dinner and board games. I was dead tired, and napped right up to when we left, but had a good time nevertheless. Went to bed early and slept well last night.

Today, off to Homo Depot for more flowers, then SFMOMA to hook up with mathan and crew, then dinner tonight with Gregg. The coming week is very socially event-filled (glovercom's wedding tomorrow!!). My coworkers are throwing me a belated wedding shower on Tuesday--isn't that nice? Speaking of which, Steve (rootbeer1) and I received a wedding card from Steve's ex-friend Hass, from whom he hasn't heard since we started dating almost 10 years ago. It's a good thing™.

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