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Ten years ago vs. now

10 Years Ago:

Where did you live?
Cohoes, New York
Where did you work?
NYS Department of Social Services. I was a project manager for a redesign of the billing/payment system that gave benefits to welfare recipients.
Did you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
No--I was just beginning to come out, and tenatively dating a bit.
What was your biggest fear?
Being drummed out of the Church for being gay.
What made you happy?
Church and friends.
Who did you look up to?
My big sister.
What did you think you would be doing ten years from that point?
I figured I'd be in the same house, the same job, probably living alone.
What did you want to change about yourself?
I wanted to be totally out, and to have a life partner if the right guy came along.


Current day:

Where do you live?
San Francisco, California
Where do you work?
In downtown SF--a large, well-known financial services firm. Been there almost 5 years now. I'm a Unix systems engineer/architect for a large datamart.
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
I have a husband--Steve (rootbeer1). We met online in May 1994 and in person four months later. We moved in together in May 1996 and moved to San Francisco in August 1997. We were legally married February 13, 2004 at San Francisco City Hall.
What is your biggest fear?
That our country will become a theocratic dictatorship.
What makes you happy?
Being with Steve, lying in the sun, soaking in the hot tub, cooking, our house, our friends
Who do you look up to?
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
What do you think you'll be doing in ten years?
Hopefully we'll be retired, alternating our time between SF, Palm Springs, and other travels.
What do you want to change about yourself?
I want to worry less and grow spiritually.

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