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Big Pansies

This morning Steve (rootbeer1) and I woke up about 7:30. Steve ran off to Homo Depot and returned with a flat of big pansies for the garden, and a new hanging fuschia. In an hour we're heading up to Vacaville with ricksf to hunt for more Fiestaware and the like. Otherwise, a quiet weekend is planned.

Thursday we saw The Lion King stage performance. The SF staging is a bit different from that in New York and LA, due to the Orpheum's smaller stage. But it worked, though some of the vocals were less than perfect. The house was packed, however, and I learned the run has been extended through September.

Posted some more wedding pictures here.

We continue to lose weight on the South Beach diet. Steve (23 lbs) is losing more rapidly than I am (14 lbs), but his metabolism has always been faster. We are making it to the gym more often, which of course helps.
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