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Hostess with the mostess

Steve (rootbeer1) and I walked up the hill last night to bowlerbehr's house for a surprise birthday party for handlebear and nanocub. We had such a great time--Jeff really knows how to throw a party. Good food, great combination of friends. People were engaged in animated conversation all over the place. Steve and I parked on the couch with peppabear, and nanocub treated our laps as a second sofa, stretched out across all three of us. He really is a cuddle-cub. handlebear was beaming all evening--he and I are now the same age, if only for 6 months. It was great to meet peppabear and his husband in person--we plan to get together soon.

Special kudos to biggerzbetter, who baked two cakes--a vanilla-raspberry confection that was the main birthday cake, and a dark chocolate rose-blossom-shaped Bundt with chocolate glaze and fresh raspberries. Both were worthy of a professional pastry chef. Being on our low-carb diets, we had only a taste, but they were spectacular. Thanks, Scott!

Today, laundry, taxes and housework. Tonight, over to armaroundyou's for dinner and the series finale of Sex and the City. Side note: we watched Saturday Night Live this morning on TiVo. Christine Aguilera was the guest host, and she went up quite a few notches in my estimation--not only did she make fun of herself and her skanky image constantly, but she did a dead-on Samantha in the Sex and the City finale skit, which had us rolling on the floor.


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Feb. 22nd, 2004 12:48 pm (UTC)
I wasn't staring up at the TV when the skit came on. I was listening in the background. And I heard the voice and had to look up. I was shocked to find it was Christina. She did a great Samantha I thought. I was rolling also
Feb. 22nd, 2004 12:57 pm (UTC)
“Ok, I can't believe you didn't know this. I'm a dude.” I couldn't stop laughing.
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