Jack (qbear) wrote,

A new car!!!

Yesterday was Steve's actual birthday, and he wanted to go to the Todai Seafood Buffet in Daly City for lunch.
It's got a good selection, is reasonable in price, and best of all, you get a free meal on your birthday (with verification). We called Vic and Dave, our oldest and best friends in San Francisco, and they called our friends Victor and Mel, and we all showed up at the restaurant at noon. It's a really big place, but got very crowded, so the wait in the buffet lines was a little bit long. But we had a great time, and both couples brought nice gifts for Stevie. He was very happy.

After lunch we headed down to the Serramonte area where all the auto dealerships are. We guessed there was a Toyota dealer among the many, many car places, but no, no Toyota. As we were discussing where to go next, we stopped at a red light, and a Toyota Matrix happened to be immediately in front of us, with a license plate guard from a dealership in San Bruno. We took it as a sign, and turned onto El Camino Real south toward San Bruno to find the dealership. It was right on El Camino just past I380, close to the airport.

We test drove a Matrix, and before we knew it we were closing the deal. We got the fleet price, just slightly over invoice, and the car is pretty loaded. Amazingly to me, they took my little Civic that I've had for nearly ten years (sob) in trade and we drove home in the new car. I just have to drop off the title for the old car today.

We put the car in the garage after a quick clean-out (we had a few boxes and stuff in there, which we put in the storage shed in our atrium) and decided to take Muni to Carlos and Eduardo's house, because a) we knew parking in the Duboce Triangle is horrendous, and b) we still have to figure out the security system on the Matrix--I already set it off unintentionally. So we walked up the hill to the bus stop on Portola, intending to take the 37 down to C&E's place. A bus appeared at the corner, then turned and came toward the stop. But the front ID sign on the bus was all wrong--it said "67-Bernal Heights." We must of looked confused, because the bus driver drove right by. Damn!! We'd have to wait another half hour for the next bus, and it was already 7:50, and we were due at C&E's house at 8, so we schlepped down to the the stop at Glenview, caught a 48 to West Portal Station, took the Metro to Church St., and walked the block to their apartment, arriving at 8:20. We apologized profusely. Carlos and Eduardo had prepared a lovely dinner of Risotto al Funghi, Chicken in a tarragon wine sauce, baby potatoes, haricots verde, and Argentinian cookies with ice cream. Carlos has studied at the Cordon Bleu, so we knew we were in for a treat. We had a very nice chat; Steve drank several glasses of Chianti and was quite glowing. After dinner C&E drove us home. They're both very sweet guys we'd like to spend more time with.

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