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I ♥ 3-day weekends

After the busy day we had on Friday, we needed to relax, so that's what we've mostly done. Went to the Squares for Bears event at the Ramada. We saw a whole gaggle of LJ bears there--Steve (rootbeer1) lists them in his journal. Our friend Paulie appeared and made me a nice cup of green tea from leaves he has just purchased in Chinatown. I only danced once, as I had to run out and feed the parking meter, but Steve dance twice, and we both want to take the plunge and join the intro class. Unfortunately, the class doesn't start till July--maybe we'll do some contradancing in the meantime.

We went to the meet-and-greet at the Thirsty Bear, aka the online party. Many more LJers (see Steve's post). We then went home and napped, and I stayed in while Steve attempted yet another party.

Yesterday Steve worked most of the day, then we watched The Lion King 1½, which is great BTW. Today, went to Costco to get supplies, and wedding presents to each other. Steve got me an all-format DVD burner for my laptop, and I got him a PlayStation 2. And when we got home, UPS had delivered our Fiestaware order, so it was time for an unpacking party. Now I have to go put a pot roast in the oven like a good husband.

We captured a few quick pictures off our TiVo'ed ABC newscasts from Friday -- view them here. More pics to follow. Incidentally, we've heard from friends that they've seen us on ABC, NBC, CNN, AOL, and on TV in Australia and Finland, and in the Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune. I hope our 15 minutes are over soon.


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Feb. 17th, 2004 01:01 am (UTC)
Congrats once again on 'gettin' hitched'!

I'm so pleased that you and Steve enjoyed the square dancing intro. If you guys get a free moment on a Tuesday night, you're welcome to drop in and see what a class is like.

As to the Fiestaware purchase, just don't tell bowlerbehrsf!
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