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Sunshine Weekend

What a great sunny weekend! Last week was fairly uneventful. Wednesday we had another 4-hour all-hands at work, followed by beer and pizza. I ate the droppings out of the pizza boxes, sans crust. Then I hightailed it over to Delancey Street, where I met Steve. It was Mel's birthday, and Victor was treating us, Vic and Dave, and Sean and Kirby to dinner. Fun evening.

Yesterday morning Steve and I drove down to Smart & Final in SOMA to get soda, mostly, then to Economy Kitchen Supply in Mission Bay. It wasn't as big as we were led to believe, but I did get a nice big cast iron griddle/grill pan. When we got home I had to season it in the oven, and the house was filled with the delicious aroma of roasting iron. bigreddee's Fred came over about 3:00 to install our Kohler Santa Rosa. He was done in well under an hour, and checked out our other toilets for future reference. Very nice guy, and handsome as can be. He's our new plumber!

David and Andrea picked us up at 7:00 and we drove downtown to see the play Noises Off, a farce-within-a-farce with lots of door-slamming, pants dropping, and general slapstick. Very, very funny.

Today, we're walking down to the Castro wearing our new pedometers, shopping a bit, and enjoying the sun. We were in a housecleaning frenzy yesterday before Fred came over, so the house is nice and neat and orderly. This evening we're going over to armaroundyou's house for dinner and Sex And The City with chriskomater. The program, silly.....

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