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High School, Schmigh School

School and Year Graduated:
Shenendehowa High School, Class of 1973

Nickname in high school?
Actually, went by my real name, John.

Sport you were into?
Is chess a sport? How about origami?

Had a circle of friends?
Yes, mostly nerds, and kids from my town on the other side of the tracks.

Best subject?
Math, Biology, Latin, French.

Worst subject?
PE. I hated gym class, and skipped as much as I could get away with.

A teacher you owe life lessons to?
My Latin teacher, Mrs. Colapinto, and my math teacher, Dr. Drimilas.

Describe in one word...
Freshman year: Scatterbrained
Sophomore year: Depressed
Junior year: Overworked
Senior year: Cruising

Your best friend was?
Rick. Also in junior high and college.

Worst friend?
My brother, two years older than me, could have been a lot nicer. (Copied from rootbeer1, but exactly the same sentiment).

Cafeteria food sucked?
Not really. I skipped lunch most days to hang out in the library with friends and save up my lunch money. We were kinda poor.

Wore uniforms?
If jeans and sweatshirts were a uniform. I did have a full beard, though.

How was the prom?
Don't know--didn't go. Couldn't afford it, and didn't drive, so there wasn't much point.

Who were the prom king and queen?
Some jock and cheerleader. The school was extremely sports-oriented.

Any achievements?
National Merit Scholar, National Honor Society, English award, Regents scholarship. Latin Club, Astronomy Club, Chess Club, Key Club, Math Contest, TV production crew. What a nerd.

Were you popular?
In my own little group, yeah. Especially senior year.

Best song that reminds you of high school?
The Sound of Silence

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