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Sunny Saturday

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, warm enough to wear shorts (though I didn't). Steve (rootbeer1) and I puttered around all morning--I did inside housework and Steve worked in the back garden, filling an entire trash can with compost. Then we had leftover pork cutlets (see previous post) with fried eggs on top, "Holstein Style." We walked down to the Castro to attend the housewarming of Jackson, a nice guy we met a few weeks ago at Starbuck's. We like to walk down Portola/Market in good weather--the view is spectacular, and it's all downhill. It takes us about 40 minutes to walk from our house to the center of the Castro. On the way we stopped in Cala and met rampagebear, a very nice and handsome guy.

Jackson's new apartment is in the same building we lived in for three years just before we bought our house two years ago. He's a young cub, so not much furniture, but many very nice gentlemen attended, and we stayed about three hours. On our way back home we stopped in to Tower Video, as our friend Gregg had given us a gift card for Xmas and it was burning a hole in our proverbial pocket. We immediately ran into armaroundyou and heypyro in the store. After shopping for a bit (we got Joe90!!!) Chris and Geoff invited us to hang out, so they dropped us off at our house, we grabbed our car and headed over to Chris's. We watched Cookie's Fortune. I was a bit disturbured by Patricia Neal's character's dementia--the actress bears a striking resemblance to my late mother. But the film was excellent. And the company, too, of course.

Today it's cold and misty/rainy. Off to the gym, grocery store, and maybe the Lone Star, but back in time for the Survivor premiere. Woohoo!

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