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Today we had a big departmental all-hands meeting at the Four Seasons hotel. Very swanky on the inside, though the building is an abomination on the outside. After three and a half hours of corporate cheerleading, we got cocktails and hors d'ouevres. I unfortunately had to pee, and the rest rooms were on the other side of the floor, so when I was done, I figured it was just as easy to grab the elevator and head home.

Steve made dinner. Pork cutlets, dipped in beaten egg and mustard, breaded with ground almonds and fried, served with a little couscous and a lot of salad. Delish, and totally no-carb-friendly (well, South Beach, anyway). Steve's lost 16 lbs and I've lost 11 since the beginning of January. I love this diet.

We just finished watching The Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, thanks to the magic of DVD. Steve was only 3 when it aired in 1964, but I was 8 and clearly remember lying on the living room floor watching while my 16-year-old sister Judy screamed like crazy. My parents just shook their heads. I recommend the DVD--the entire show is on it, including Frank Gorshin doing impersonations, weird European acrobats, an as-yet unknown Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger in a scene from Oliver, and vintage commercials for Aero Shave, Cold-Water All and numerous Pillsbury products. The doughboy hadn't been born yet--still a bun in the oven, I guess.

It takes a man from the South to know how to cook a pork chop.
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