August 3rd, 2003


Sunshine at last

Friday we actually went to the gym after work. It felt good to hit the pool. Steve's arms are a little sore from doing weights for the first time in...well, a long time. Saturday we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with Tony and John. I loved the movie--Johnny Depp really made the film with his characterization of the lead pirate. And there were many clever references to the ride in Disneyland that the movie was based on. Sounds like a lame premise, but the plot was interesting and the effects were great. Much better than I expected.

Today we left the house early to run errands. At Serramonte Mall, I foolishly paid $3 to a vending machine for four pictures of what I'd look like with new hair:

You be the judge.

After we got home and unpacked the car, we got some sun on the deck. It's been foggy and almost rainy the last few days, so the sunshine is very welcome. Tonight David and Andrea return from Texas. They're taking the Super Shuttle to our house, to pick up their car which we've been babysitting, and to have dinner. Steve's making his legendary homemade pizza (dough's rising as I write). I can't eat the crust on Atkins, so I'll scrape all the toppings off mine and eat them, and Steve can have the carbs. Or we can make mine on the lo-carb tortillas we picked up today.
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