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The week in review

1. I fixed the toilet. It leaked a tiny bit around the washer, but has since stopped. Looks like I'm a plumber after all!

2. Our good buddies John and Frank are now on LJ as blah_blah_bear. Drop in and say hey!

3. We spent last weekend up in Guerneville for Polar Bear Weekend. Steve (rootbeer1) writes about it so well, I don't have to. But we had a great time, sharing our "suite" with armaroundyou. Ya know, the more time we spend with Chris, the more it seems like we've known him forever. We had as good a time if not better than we did last year, so we went ahead and booked the suite for next year.

4. I've been playing a lot of canasta with the computer. One of my opponents is Harley the Bear, who keeps asking me to scratch his back. Hmmm..... Chris has promised to teach us bridge, so we can have parties and serve little sandwiches and Prune Whip.

5. The fundamentalists trying to take over the Episcopal Church got caught sending out a confidential memo outlining their secret plans. This is all about power (and property)--the fundies just can't get over that they lost the elections at General Convention, and the majority of ECUSA likes it just fine as it is. So they're trying to stage a coup. Sounds like a national election almost four years ago....

6. I'm getting a cold. Luckily we got lots of new herbal teas at the Petaluma outlets on the way home from the River.

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