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The first week of my new year

Well, I brought the origami calendar I got for Xmas into work today--it's great! Each page is a perfect square with a solid colored back, and the idea is to use the previous day's sheet to fold the current day's model. I had a little catching up to do, but now my cube is adorned with:

A New Year crown
An organ base
A file holder
A rectangular box
A ladybug
A fox puppet

Saturdays and Sundays are on one sheet. The models get more complex as the year rolls on. I think I'll get back into my origami obsession--this is a great city for it, with a fantastic bookstore in Japantown with a whole origami section (unfortunately, the more advanced are in Japanese, but I can usually follow the pictures. If I was really dedicated, I'd learn the language). The bookstore even has competitions occasionally.

I've loved origami since I was in 6th grade, and have a pretty respectable library myself. Here's a doggy I folded back in high school, I think:

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