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Busy busy

We were busy little bears yesterday. Finally put up our tree--usually it's up right after Thanksgiving (well, it would be if rootbeer1 had his way). But Steve's been busy with class assignments, so yesterday was the first chance we've had to deck the halls.

Later that evening we went to bowlerbehrsf fabulous Christmas party, complete with polynesian crab dip and Toll House Pie--nummy. There were lots of LJers there. Let's see if I can remember them all: bowlerbehrsf, rootbeer1, qbear, biggerzbetter, bluedevilsf, fuzzygruf, bentwright, handlebear, and probably others whose LJ names I don't know. Lots of people, fun, Xmas lights, music and conversation. We had a great time, and Jeff sent us home with a big Bauer ware bowl full of the crab dip. The dishes in our cupboard will be pleased to see their old friend back for a visit--last time he came he was full of white chocolate mousse.

Today, in just a few hours, we're going with bluedevilsf to see The Return of the King at last. Woohoo!!
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