Jack (qbear) wrote,

Another week....

...that went by too fast. On Monday, got both our taxes done, which is a load off our minds. Steve came out about even, but between the house back east (new furnace and lots of fixing up last year), the seven koi we donated to the California Academy of Sciences, and of course the massive interest and tax payments on the new house, I'm getting a whopping big refund. I need to adjust my withholding for next year.

After the three-day weekend, the short work week was nice--I had breakfast on Wednesday (with 12 others) with our Big Boss (the EVP of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer). She seems nice--I met her once before at an all-hands.

Saturday we went to the zoo with our friends Eduardo, Tony and his bf John. We had a nice time--the SF zoo has been tarted up since last time we were there. We had to park about a mile away from the entrance. Anyway, we did get a lot of exercise, which was one of the points. Later in the evening we had dinner with Jay, whom we met at the Polar Bear weekend in January. He's very funny, and has led quite an amazing life. Jim also joined us, and I think he stayed behind at Jay's place when we left. Well, they did seem very chummy up at Polar Bear....

Sunday we stayed in all day, because Steve had to prep for his colonoscopy on Monday. This involved not eating all day and drinking a solution every half hour that is designed to...er....clean you right out. Good thing we have three toilets in the house!!! I spent most of the day online fixing things that broke at work due to both our mainframe and Unix platforms having trouble over the weekend.

Monday I drove Steve to the hospital for his anal probe. He was a really good patient, but I know he was worried they'd find something not so good. He had to put on a classic hospital gown with no back to it. Then a series of nurses took his vitals, inserted an IV and had him sign a million forms. The doctor came by around 9:15 to check on things and explain the procedure. They give you a sedative cocktail--a mixture of a Valium-like drug, Demerol and Benedryl, so you're barely conscious. The nurse wheeled Steve off, and I sat in the waiting room for a bit, then went down to feed the parking meter. When I got back, Steve was back in the room, sleepy but conscious. The doctor came in a few minutes later and said everything was perfectly normal--he doesn't need this done again for 20 years. Woohoo!

As we drove home Steve was still high on the drugs and was having a very nice time. We stopped at Safeway to get a few groceries and a big sub for lunch (Steve hadn't eaten for over 24 hours--a new record for him, I think). We went home, devoured the sub, and Steve rested up for his class that evening while I telecommuted for the rest of the afternoon.

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