Jack (qbear) wrote,

Answers to Everything

1. What vegetable will I refuse to eat?

Canned Peas. That and stewed tomatoes are about the only vegetables I don't like.

2. Where was I born?

Albany NY. Technically, in Niskayuna, and my first home was in Cohoes. Also the first house I bought.
5 point for Binghamton --- still upstate New York, and my brother lives there now.

3. What is my middle name?

5 points for Earl, which is Steve's (rootbeer1) middle name.

4. Which type of music would I rather dance to?

70's disco.
5 points for Cajun, and 2 points for country rock.

5. What is my title?

The Rev. I am an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church. I married my brother and Steve's sister. Well, I officiated at their weddings, that is.

6. Which TV show would I rather watch?

7 points for The Golden Girls which is a close second.

7. What computer language do I not know?

Prolog. Most people guessed Pascal, but when I was in college for my computer science degree it was the teaching language. Now they use Java.
2 points for C++, which I've studied on my own, but never written code in. I do know C and Java quite well, though.

8. What car do I drive?

Toyota Matrix.
2 points for the Honda. Before last March I drove a Civic hatchback for 10 years. Stickshift too, on the hills of San Francisco. This one's an automatic.

9. What is my sister's name?

Judy. Judith Ann, which was a very popular name in the late 40's when she was born.
2 points for Joanne -- I have a never-seen half sister in Florida by that name. Also, I was going to be named Joanne if I was a girl.

10. How many bedrooms in our house?

Four. Master bedroom, Steve's study, my office, and the guest room, a Marcia Brady dream in pink and yellow.
2 points for 2. Both of our previous apartments in SF had two bedrooms.

Thanks to everybody who took the quiz!!!
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