Jack (qbear) wrote,

I kissed Mickey Mouse on the nose

We got back today from a 4-day weekend with our good friends John and Frank in LA. As always, we had a great time--we all get along so well. We spent time catching up Friday afternoon over tea and little sandwiches after we arrived, then continued to chat whilst Frank made delicious Beef Stroganoff for dinner. We watched White Christmas after dinner. Saturday Frank made waffles on his vintage Sunbeam waffle iron, then off to spend the day at Disney California Adventure. Sunday we were at Disneyland. Both days were jam-packed full, and we pretty much doubled our exercise allotments with all the walking.

On Saturday at DCA the characters were out greeting people, the first time I had seen them in person. After my photo session (see below), Mickey shook my hand. I pulled him in and kissed him ever so gently on the tip of his nose. He did an "aw-shucks" coverup of his face, as onlookers laughed. Hey, it's California--I can kiss a guy in public!

More pics from the trip here.
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