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I <3 SF

Yesterday I looked out my 18th-floor office window and watched a hawk making slow, lazy circles over the Financial District as if it were in the Rockies. Suddenly it dove down at an angle, wings pulled close. Heading for a pigeon, I guessed. I stood up to see if it succeeded--it soared back up, talons empty. But two different flocks of pigeons, alerted to the predator, rose up and started zig-zag evasive maneuvers, each flock in almost perfect unison. This was to distract the hawk, no doubt, but it was interesting to think of the lowly rat-with-wings acting like a real bird and exhibiting instinctive survival behavior. It was fascinating, all with the skyscrapers of San Francisco as a backdrop.

Today as I waited at the Forest Hill station for the bus home I admired the lovely fall colors on the trees across from me. Of course, this being San Francisco, there were also flowers in full bloom, a few bare trees, and many with full lush greenery. It's like getting all four seasons at once, without the snow. There are many times I miss being back in the Northeast, and many more times I miss the friends and family still there, but this city that has called to me my whole life is more and more my home.

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