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I'm very thankful for all the blessings in my life:

  • My partner Steve (rootbeer1), who is my love, my helpmeet, my knight, my shining star, my bear

  • Our families and friends, with a great deal of overlap there

  • Our beautiful and comfortable home, with enough room for hospitality

  • That we both have jobs that we like and that meet our needs

  • That we live in San Francisco

  • Our good health

  • And so much more...

God has given us so much, and we are truly grateful. Yesterday was such a pleasure, having family and friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving . Present were

Steve's brother David and his wife Andrea
Gregg and Stephen
Alberto (iberianbear)
Tim (barak)
Steve and myself, of course

(from left) Andrea, Tim, Stephen, Jack, Gregg (hidden), Alberto, David. Steve took the photo.

Everbody brought something, so we had an abundance of good things to eat and drink. We dined about 3:30, giving us plenty of time to relax, eat pie, and watch classic cartoons from the Looney Tunes collection, and the film Bend It Like Beckham. Juicy, juicy mangoes!

We went to bed tired, happy, satisfied, and with a fridge full of leftovers. Woohoo!

Devilled eggs, edamame, cheeses, homemade olive tapenade




Side dishes (clockwise from top): Cranberry sauce, Root Beer Sweet Potatoes, dinner rolls, cornbread and sausage stuffing, scalloped oysters, Brussel sprouts with chestnuts

Tim again - he's so photogenic

Gregg snapping a photo

Jack carving the bird

Stephen - note the Statue of Liberty halo

My Steve's first plate of food

Some of the leftovers, which guests took home in handy containers

Alberto and Gregg

Cream and pie. We had chess pie (pictured), pumpkin pie, fudge pie, white chocolate cake, and with dinner, tourtiere, a French Canadian meat pie that's traditional in my family

Andrea holding Amy, her brother's dog that she and David are sitting.

Jack talking with his hands again

My Steve was the photographer for these, so unfortunately none of him yet. When we get images from the others who were taking them, I'll post them here.


Nov. 28th, 2003 05:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I never grabbed the camera away from him. But Gregg, Alberto and Stephen took a lot, so as soon as I can get copies I'll post 'em.

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