Jack (qbear) wrote,

Slow week

The first part of last week was more or less slow and routine. Steve and I were both feeling a bit under the weather. Steve learned from his doctor last week that his nagging cough is caused by acid reflux disease, so he has to watch his diet and take medication. He was feeling a bit tired and feverish, so he took Monday and Tuesday off from work. I, on the other hand, was gradually experiencing some gastrointestinal distress, nasty enough to cause me to take Thursday off from work.

By Friday we were both feeling more or less back to normal. This was the first full day of IBR, and while we aren't registered for it this year, we did plan on meeting up with several friends from out of town. Friday afternoon Steve and I met after work at the Ramada, and ran into many bears we know from all over. We went to Max's for dinner with Bret from Houston, Tyler and Seth from Fresno, and our friends Rick and Paulie from right here in SF. Steve and I were still a little tired from all the sickness of the week, so we went home afterwards. Saturday we had brunch with Paul and Jack, who are relocating to Australia next week, Joe and John, two nice guys from Glen Park here in the city, and our friend iberianbear. Also with us was Ed from London, who chatted with us about our British TV fascination, including Changing Rooms, Ground Force, and Upstairs Downstairs.

We then went to the big Under One Roof fancy food sale, where we picked up lots of interesting esoteric groceries (mostly cookies). In the evening our great friends Victor and Mel came over to hang out. We went to Mozzarella de Bufalo for dinner, then back to our place for a Changing Rooms marathon off TiVo.

Today (Sunday) -- well, it looks like the rain has let up a bit, so we'll head out and get some fresh air.

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