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Fat and Sore

I've been under the weather the last few days with a sore throat. Not bad enough to see the doctor (yet), and getting better (I think), but, well, a pain in the neck. I'm finding aspirin and tea are helpful.

Last Sunday we went to see the live concert of the cast of A Mighty Wind. Steve (rootbeer1) chronicles the concert and the rest of the day here. It was just spectacular.

Last night when I got home from work I made Shepherd's Pie a la Rachael Ray. Instead of her quick pan gravy I used cream of mushroom soup, and instead of boiling potatoes I made Creamy Mash. But otherwise I followed the recipe, and it came out quite well. Too well--we ate too much and flunked our weekly weigh-ins this morning. I think we need a new fad diet to get us motivated. I got The South Beach Diet book at Costco a while ago--perhaps I'll give it a read. We could always go back to Weight Watchers, which did work for us, but I don't know--$80/month to get weighed and listen to a motivational talk of arguable value. I think we lost weight so we'd get our money's worth. We do penalize ourselves if we don't lose each week by contributing cash to a kitty, but then we use the kitty to pay for vacations. Maybe we should give the cash to a charity we loathe (like Jerry Falwell or Concerned Women of America) as negative reinforcement.

Tomorrow we're going to my coworker Felix's wedding in Oakland. It's going to be big--about 600 people--so it should be fun. We were just saying that we haven't been to a wedding in ever so long. Both of our families are all married off. I guess we'll have to wait for my grand nieces and nephews to get older.

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