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Scary stuff...

Yesterday was Halloween, and we decided to stay in for the evening. Going down to the Castro used to be fun; in the last few years it has become way, way too crowded. Coupled with the stabbings last year (and there was a shooting this year), we now avoid it.

Steve came home from work and carved our pumpkin with the face of the cloud dancers from Rejected. John (keanubear), Greg, Scott(sftekbear) and Brian came over about eight to hang out. We ate candy, cookies, cupcakes, taquitos, jalapeno poppers and watched an episode of Fireball XL5, a Disney Davy Crockett, and the Who documentary The Kids Are Alright. I miss Keith Moon.

We actually had trick-or-treaters last night--two, locals I think. Little bitty kids with their parents. We still have a big bowl of candy left, plus lots of other snacks. Vic and Dave and Victor and Mel are coming over tonight to help eat 'em up.
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