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It's hot again

At least we don't have wildfires...and it's supposed to cool off dramatically this week.

Friday David and Andrea came over after work to eat Mexican take-out and watch Animatrix and the extras on the Matrix Reloaded DVD. It wasn't too late a night, but I was exhausted from a week battling The Man at work. They're ripping up the ceiling right over my cube, and it's literally making me sick. Long story short, I'm getting moved to a lovely new cube with a window and a view of the Bay, Mt. Tam, and Russian and Nob Hills (if I crane my neck I can see the spire on Grace Cathedral). Anyway, all that confrontation wiped me out, so Saturday I slept about 9 hours. We got up and Steve went to the beach, while I napped another 3 hours. Vic and Dave came over after dinner and we caught up--haven't seen them for a while. We also watched Down With Love.

Sunday we started out for Costco, but just before we left Steve called John (keanubear) and Greg and asked if they wanted to come with and/or do breakfast with us. They came over with their visiting friend Brian (woof) in tow and we followed them to the Millbrae Pancake House, a first for us. We'll be back--it's great, with decor fresh from the 70's and nummy buttermilk pancakes. As we waited in line, Scott (sftekbear) and his partner Brian appeared, so we all had flapjacks together. We all talked at once and ate mass quantities, so a good time was had by all.

Steve (rootbeer1) and I (qbear) then went to Costco and got not only the Indiana Jones boxed set, but the first two seasons of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Then home to swelter in our non-air-conditioned house until evening, when we went up to Jeff's (bowlerbehrsf) place for a dinner party. Also in attendance were Rick (ricksf) and his beau David, and Steve and Will, whom we met for the first time. Homemade tomato soup, roast pork, carrots with maple glaze, and chocolate cake. And lots of heated discussion re Bauer vs. Fiesta. A gay old time was had by all.
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